Dailies Total 1 (30 lenses)

Brand: Alcon(CibaVision)
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Dailies Total 1 are a premium contact lens – for those who expect more from a daily disposable. Dailies Total 1 lenses use a water gradient system, meaning the contact lens interacts with the environment in the same way as the human eye. These contact lenses move from a low water content to over 80% on the surface. This means less evaporation, less drying-out, and more time spent in comfort while wearing your Dailies Total 1 daily disposables. Dailies Total contact lenses are ideal for those who suffer with dry eyes. These comfortable contact lenses have been found to allow up-to six times as much oxygen to the surface of the eye as other daily disposables. These lenses give you exceptional vision and keep your eyes looking bright, white and healthy right up until the end of your day. After extensive testing Dailies Total contact lenses have been found to remain comfortable on the eye for up-to 16 hours. That means even if you spend long days staring at computers, or take your contact lenses with you partying into the night, Total 1 daily disposables will stay moist and comfortable. And when the day is over? Just take them out, and replace with a fresh pair the next morning! No build-up, no allergens, no deposits and no hassle. Enjoy greater breathability, all-day moisture, and increased wearing time – all with daily disposable hygiene.

Benefits & Features: Daily disposable – for comfort and hygiene; Available for long and short sightedness; Silicone hydrogel for breathability; 33% water content at the centre, 80% at the surface; Visitint – for easy application.

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