PureVision (6 lenses)

PureVision (6 lenses)

Brand: Bausch & Lomb
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Produced by the well-known lens manufacturers Bausch and Lomb, these standard contact lenses are designed for people requiring low levels of vision correction, such as those in their 20'’s. Using an advanced AerGel technology, PureVision lenses provide excellent comfort and performance for daily tasks. They are also designed to allow oxygen to filter underneath the lens, promoting good eye health while they are being worn. • PureVision are monthly disposable lenses - which means that they are designed to be worn daily for one month before being disposed of. They can also be worn night and day over a period of one month, making them ideal for those who find washing their lenses a chore. •PureVision lenses employ advanced AerGel technology to repel particles of dirt and to attract moisture, which maintains comfort throughout the wearing period. They have also been manufactured using an aspheric shape to provide extra keen vision compared to similar lenses. PureVision lenses use a mixture of 36% water and 64% Balafilcon A to achieve excellent results. PureVision lenses are ideal for those with a relatively low level of short or long sightedness and can correct for both conditions. They can be upgraded easily when necessary and provide comfort and vision correction without hassle. They will be ideal for students, office workers and those who regularly play sport.

END OF PRODUCTION. We are very sorry, but this product have now been discontinued. To check the availability of contact lenses powers please contact us before order placement.

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